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Password Manager

I was looking for an open source password manager and found Pass. Pass uses gpg to store passwords in encrypted files and also offers integration into Firefox and other browsers.

How to setup

This setup is suited for Mac OS and assumes you start from scratch. All activities are to be performed in the terminal unless otherwise specified.

Before you can use pass, you need to setup gpg. Here is a short introduction on how to setup gpg:

Don’t forget to make a backup of your key in case it gets lost:

Setup of pass:

Setup of pass-host to allow communication from the Firefox plugin to the pass-store:

Integration into Firefox Further Details:

Install Pinentry-Mac if you’re on a Mac to enter your password:

How to use

Before you can use pass, you need to initialise it. You can use pass together with git to version your password-repository. Here is a step by step guide how to setup pass with git:

Afterwards you can populate your repository by storing credentials into the password-repository in a special format. Details on the format can be found here in section Password formats.

Then in Firefox you should see the passff-extension icon in username/password fields. On click, you can choose from your credentials to fill in.

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