Vaadin 14: Using a Placeholder in RouterLayouts

Route offers the possibility to put the content of a View into a parent layout. By default, the content of the View is just appended to the parent layout. By using a placeholder, we can easily control where the content of the View is added.

import com.vaadin.flow.component.HasElement;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.Text;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.html.Div;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.RouterLayout;

import java.util.Objects;

public class MainLayout extends Div implements RouterLayout {

     * Define a simple empty Element, which is later used to find the injection point:
    private Text contentPlaceholder = new Text("");

    public MainLayout() {
        add(new Text("my header"));
         * Place the placeholder at the intended position, e.g. between other blocks:
        add(new Text("my footer"));

    public void showRouterLayoutContent(HasElement content) {
        if (content != null) {
                     * Get the position of the placeholder inside the dom:
                     * And insert the content of the View directly afterwards:

Simply override the default showRouterLayoutContent method with a method which inserts the content directly after the placeholder.

Vaadin 8.x Grid: Declarative UI and proper Data Binding

While Vaadin makes it easy to develop UIs in one language and allows extremely simple programming stlye like clunching everything into one class, the narrow way of setting up “the best way” for a clear separation of Model, View and Control is tricky to find.

At least for me, I define this path as follows:

  • Model: usage of POJOs and Vaadin Data Model ( see here)
  • View: Declarative Design  (see here)
  • Control: CustomComponent

To be able to follow this path, I would like to extract as much of the “Design” into the Declarative Design as possible. Unfortunately, at point of writing, the Vaadin documentation lacks on deepth about how to use each of their Component declaratively.

This Note is about using a Grid inside a Declarative Design and attaching a List of Pojos via a ListDataProvider.

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